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The CBS Squared, Inc. architectural project portfolio is built from a comprehensive blend of studies, evaluations, new construction, expansion, renovation, and alteration projects. We believe that successful projects are composed of three main ideas:

  1. Great planning
  2. Quality construction documents
  3. Owner involvement

With these concepts, the project incorporates the perfect balance of ideas and requested changes for the most cost-effective project solution.

Our staff has spent decades facilitating great communication. We are excellent listeners and leverage our communication skills to draw out information from all stakeholders. This results in a project that is built on understanding, pride, respect, and ultimately, a return on the investment. Our experience allows you to take full advantage of our facilitation techniques. We are able to present complex issues in a variety of formats that give owners and decision makers the information and knowledge necessary to invest in their vertical infrastructure.

We successfully team with a variety of other consultants including: structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscape architects, scientists, environmental engineers, security specialist, manufacturing experts and our own civil and transportation engineers. This collaboration helps us to create safe, sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing structures that will provide the service for which they were intended.

       Public Facilities

  • Law enforcement facilities
  • Fire stations
  • EMS/ambulance facilities
  • City halls
  • Public works facilities
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Libraries
  • Educational facilities
  • Community centers
  • Recreational centers
  • Golf clubhouses
  • Park buildings
  • Public Safety training facilities
  • Military facilities
  • Postal facilities
  • County government

       Commercial & Industrial

  • Office buildings
  • Light industrial
  • Heavy industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution
  • Mining facilities
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • facilities

       Airport Buildings

  • Terminals
  • SRE/Maintenance
  • Hangars
  • ARFF Facilities


      Specialty Facilities

  • Museum/interpretive centers
  • Zoo exhibits
  • Wineries


  • Churches/chapels
  • Religious schools