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Park Planning & Design

Well planned and maintained parks are expected by your community. CBS Squared, Inc. is a proactive and creative firm that will help you keep your project in budget and on time. We understand that every community has different needs. Since each project designed by CBS Squared is based on the specific needs of the client, each project turns out quite unique. Cookie cutter parks and spaces are not a product of our firm. Each project is viewed as an opportunity to make a major impact on a community and the lives of each potential visitor. CBS Squared takes the time to listen and effectively communicate with our clients so that the needs and expectations of your community and stakeholders are fulfilled.

Services Offered:

  • Parks & trail master planning
  • Athletic complex master planning
  • Civil engineering
  • Campground & related facilities
  • Architecture
  • Park shelters & restrooms
  • Traffic studies
  • Traffic & access design
  • Site surveying & platting
  • Local & small community zoos
  • Specialty facilities
  • Splash pad design
  • Corridor studies/preliminary design
  • Interchange feasibility studies
  • Pedestrian, bike and trail studies
  • School zone management
  • Parking analysis
  • Environmental documentation