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Municipal Engineering

Whether you are a city council member of a small community facing the challenge of financial hardship or a city engineer for a large city facing a major street replacement, CBS Squared has the experience and expertise for which you are looking.

City services such as clean tap water, safe and efficient transportation systems and parks and recreation facilities are expected by your community. These services can only be provided if you have a proactive and creative firm helping you plan ahead. CBS Squared takes a personal stake in making sure your community’s tax dollar are wisely invested.

CBS Squared offers high quality technical assistance to communities planning to build, replace or upgrade their municipal infrastructure.
Quality and accountability are second to none with any CBS Squared project. We also believe that the relationships we build through concise, effective and regular communication is our true measure of success. We bring years of experience and valuable knowledge of funding sources that range from state aid to grants, bonds and developer financing. We will help you comply with the complex application, design, testing and reporting requirements for your projects from concept to construction. We know budgets and schedules are not just guidelines, but are to be met at all times.

CBS Squared has the experience to provide City Engineering services, deliver exceptional client service and technical assistance in the following areas:


  • Urban planning and design
  • Site selection and planning
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Capital improvement plans
  • Cost projections
  • Grant applications
  • Packaging


  • Construction observation
  • Construction management
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Construction administration
  • Construction staking
  • Project documentation
  • Operations support


  • Streets/trails/parking facilities
  • Water and sewer systems
  • Pavement management
  • Site studies/surveys/mapping
  • Platting and plat reviews
  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture
  • Transportation engineering
  • Cost projections